Tawau: Malaysia’s One and Only Place with Volcano

Mount Bombalai in Tawau is part of a volcanic field on the Semporna Peninsula in the NE part of the island of Borneo. The volcano is part of the Malaysian province of Sabah, across Cowie Harbor from the the Indonesian province of Kalimantan.

The low volcanic cone is located north of Sebatik Island and has a roughly 300-m-wide crater breached to the south.  This mountain is located at Tawau Hills National Park.

If you set to terrain view in Google maps, you can actually see the mountain as shown below (labelled ‘A’). The two mountains at the bottom left are Bukit Gemok and Bukit Kukusan (Hill Top). The one with the huge and impressive crater is part of Mt. Maria as pointed out by Mr. A Syaharuddin K (see comments below).

Mount Bombalai photo courtesy of stymix

Tawau is indeed a special place in Malaysia with vast tourism potentials waiting to be untapped. Where else in Malaysia can you claim a place that has a volcano? The question is who will and can untap these potentials?

Facts about Bombalai Volcano

Country: Malaysia
Subregion Name: Borneo
Volcano Type: Pyroclastic cone
Volcano Status: Holocene
Last Known Eruption: 27,000 years ago
Summit Elevation: 531 m 1,742 feet
Latitude: 4.40°N 4°24′0″N
Longitude: 117.88°E 117°53′0″E

source: http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=0610-01-