Fast Food Chain McDonald’s Opening its First Tawau Outlet on April 20th 2012

Popular fast food chain McDonald’s is set to open its first branch in Tawau, Sabah over the next few days.

Tawau joined as the third town in Sabah to have its own McDonald’s outlet. Despite the reputation of fast food outlets, Tawau folks and generally many Malaysians are still eager to dine and enjoy their ‘Prosperity Burgers’ here.

“To have McDonald’s opening an outlet here means signs of progress. It’s been a while since we heard the rumour about McDonald’s coming to Tawau and it’s here finally” according to a user on a popular Tawau-based Facebook group.

It is located near Mile 3.5 of Jalan Apas, the main road connecting Tawau and the New Tawau Airport. Giant Hypermarket is just 50 metres away so it will definitely attract shoppers and people living near this area.

Tawau’s outlet will operate 24 hours and also boasts a drive-thru for those who would like to grab a quick bite on their way to the airport and other towns in the East Coast of Sabah.

Update April 20th: It’s finally opened!