50 Things You Never Knew about The Early Years of Tawau (Tawao) Part II

We hope that enjoyed the Part I of the series “50 Things You Never Knew about The Early Years of Tawau (Tawao)“.

We’re back with some more… with even more amazing historical facts! Please read on and enjoy learning more about the untold history of Tawau.

11. The Batu Tinagat Lighthouse (still exist until today) was erected due to importance of coal and shipping in Tawao. It was erected in 1916 – almost 100 years old. The lighthouse was built by Chance Brothers Lighthouse Works in 1915 at a town called Smethwick, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

12. The British North Borneo Company had a small ship called ‘Chantek‘ which was stationed in Tawao waters; she transported people and goods between Tawao and Tarakan. [source: The Far East revisited; essays on political, commercial, social, and general conditions in Malaya, China, Korea and Japan by A. Gorton Angier]

13.The first wireless (radio) station in Tawao was built in 1913 by German radio and television apparatus company Telefunken.

14. Gauge line (small railway track) was built between Silimpopon coal mine to Silimpopon River (now Kalabakan river) to transport coals from the mine to a loading station on the river. It was about 6 miles long.

15. One of the locomotives that transported coals from the coal mine to the river was known as “No. 3″; operated by Cowie Harbour Coal Co. Ltd..

16. The Straits Steamship Company used to own a ship called Marudu which used to sail between Singapore and Tawao.

17. A three-toed foot fossil of an unknown animal was found on a boulder of gigantic limestone among the rubber trees in Kuhara in 1926.

18. May ships’ captains acknowledged Tawau’s Cowie Harbour was once of the largest and finest harbour in the world due to the fact that it was “a deep-water sheltered harbour, having room enough and to spare for all navies of the world to anchor at the same time!”

19. The Tawau Peace Memorial which is the Belfry (still standing) was opened on 11 November, 1921 by the Resident. It stands a height of 40 feet measured from its concrete base to the top of its steeple. The memorial bell weighed nearly half a ton (now missing).

20. Many people claimed to have seen a ghost called “the white giant” that used to patrol near Hospital road (where the hospital is today).

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